Power Electronics Laboratory

Laboratory location : Electrical Engineering Faculty, Building Energetics, Room EN 302, Bd. Profesor Dimitrie Mangeron, nr. 21- 23, 700050 Iasi, România

Introduction on the Power Electronics Laboratory Site:
       The Power Electronics Laboratory for electrical engineering studies has a tradition of almost 40 years (1974). It was conceived as a teaching and research laboratory in a relatively new technical domain involving important aspects of the electricity: static energy conversion, energy management, power quality, etc.[more]
Staff :
Assoc.Prof.Ph.D.eng. Mihai ALBU , Lecturer Ph.D.eng. Daniel STICEA


List of laboratory applications :
Lab no.1: The place and the importance of power electronics
Lab no.2: Overview of the power semiconductor devices and of the power modules.
Lab no.3: Thyristors and triacs control. Thyristors gate trigger circuits.
Lab no.4: Control of the power bipolar junction transistors (BJT).
Lab no.5: Control of the power MOS gate transistors.
Lab no.6: Integrated MOS gate drivers (MGD).
Lab no.7: Rectifier and inverter mode.
Lab no.8: Single-phase bridge rectifiers with current filters.
Lab no.9: Inverter mode operation of the single-phase rectifier.
Lab no.10: Single-phase bridge rectifier with the voltage filters.
Lab no.11: Half-controlled single-phase rectifier.
Lab no.12: Three-phase midpoint rectifiers with current filters.
Lab no.13: Three-phase bridge rectifier.
Lab no.14: Half-controlled three-phase rectifier.
Lab no.15: Four-quadrant line-frequency rectifiers (bidirectional thyristor rectifiers).
Lab no.16: DC voltage sources for the choppers and inverters.
Lab no.17: Pulse Width Modulators (PWM) for the DC/DC converters control.
Lab no.18: One and two-quadrant choppers.
Lab no.19: Four-quadrant choppers – half bridge structure.
Lab no.20: Four-quadrant choppers – full bridge structure, PWM controlled with bipolar                    voltage switching.
Lab no.21: Four-quadrant choppers – full bridge structure, PWM controlled with unipolar                    voltage switching.
Lab no.22: DC/DC converters with voltage filters – buck and boost structures.
Lab no.23: DC/DC converters with electrical isolation – forward and fly-back structures.
Lab no.24: Pulse Width Modulators for the PWM inverters.
Lab no.25: Voltage single-phase PWM inverters.
Lab no.26: Voltage three-phase PWM inverters.
Lab no.27: Constructive and functional analysis of an industrial PWM inverter.
Lab no.28: Single-phase active rectifier with the power factor correction (PFC) circuit.
Lab no.29: Single-phase PWM rectifier.
Lab no.30: Three-phase PWM rectifier.
Lab no.31: Power active filters.

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